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Surplus Plants

Hedging plants sold by mail and internet order are our main business, we grow them on three sites over some 80 acres. With this amount of stock we are always going to have too many of something (and too little of others!)

Sometimes we have a batch of great looking first quality plants but just too many of them - these are often sold off at our sales at a significant discount to our usual price. These are always very popular for obvious reasons!

Occasionally a batch of plants does not sell well, and they hang around here a little too long....or the last of a batch is left over. We class these as second quality and they are sold very cheaply to clear them. They may look scruffy but with a little tlc and patience they will give good results. We never sell anything however cheap if we are not convinced it will grow, they always go in the skip!

Please remember we only sell SURPUS and unsold hedging plants at our sales, we dont keep a complete range of hedging at our open weekends. Often the list of plants to be sold off is only prepared the day before and we cannot usually predict what will be in future sales, no more than we can predict what the next website order will be!

If you are looking for a particular species or size of plant we would recommend ordering via the Hopes Grove Nurseries website  as we cannot guarantee any particular plant or size will be in the sale

If you are more open minded and just looking for general hedging at a discount (and happy to wait until the sale) then by all means come to our sale to buy!

  • Surplus first quality plants
    Surplus first quality plants
  • Surplus second quality plants
    Surplus second quality plants
  • From time to time we have a surplus of first quality plants in certain varieties, these are sold at a significant discount to our usual catalogue/website prices

  • Second quality plants are usually the last few in a batch or lines that have not sold well and are rather potbound from sitting round on the nursery for too long. We sell these to clear at very cheap prices!

How to find us

 At the western end of Tenterden turn south at the traffic lights. Go past the turn to Tescos, we are about a further 700 yards on the left. MAP

Opening Dates

Sorry, no more open weekends in 2019

Click here for leaflet (pdf) showing all plant sale weekend dates

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Pricing Information


Ground cover plants £2.50 or 5 for £10

Perennials (2 litre yellow pots)£4 each or 3 for £10

Large Clematis £7 or 2 for £12

Roses £6 or 2 for £10

Rhododendrons and Azaleas £10 or 2 for £18

Extra large shrubs £30 or 2 for £50

Topiary - all individually prices

Shrubs (2 litre pots) £4.50 or 3 for £12

Surplus/Second grade plants - as priced