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Unusual Trees & Shrubs

We always have a great selection of the more popular and commonly seen shrubs and plants at our sales, also increasingly we try to select a range of the more unusual plant treasures that you will seldom see in any garden centre!

We do not catalogue them and the range does vary over time although we have highlighted some of our particular favourites below!

  • Cornus Controversa variegata
    Cornus Controversa variegata
  • Cornus Kousa chinensis
    Cornus Kousa chinensis
  • Horizontal branches in architectural tiers of this magnificent plant also known as the Wedding Cake Tree become clothed in creamy white flowers in May and June. An absolute beauty!

  • Flowering Dogwood provides a superb display of crimson and purple colour in Autumn. This follows the stunning summer effect of tiny flowers with showy bracts, a great large shrub or small tree with more than one season of interest

  • Davidia involucrata
    Davidia involucrata
  • Decaisnea fargesii
    Decaisnea fargesii
  • This hardy prized ornamental tree is commonly known as a Pocket Handkerchief or Dove Tree due to the apperance of its white bracts that surround tiny flowers. Give it pride of place in well prepared soil!

  • This highly unusual fruiting shrub has yellowish flowers in late spring followed by large eye catching vivid blue pods in autumn. will grow in full sun or partial shade. This is really a showstopper of a plant!

  • Euonymus alatus
    Euonymus alatus
  • Hornbeam Rockhampton Red
    Hornbeam Rockhampton Red
  • One of the best for autumn colour. A bushy, dense growing deciduous shrub with narrow pointed deep green leaves that turn to brilliantly rich hues of crimson and pink in autumn. An easily grown plant.

  • This unusual cultivar of Hornbeam has all the same habits but is more eye catching as the leaves of bright red and orange are on show until mid to late November. An excellent recent introduction to our plant list

  • Catalpa erubescens purpurea
    Catalpa erubescens purpurea
  • Paperbark Maple
    Paperbark Maple
  • Outstandingly beautiful, Catalpa x erubescens Purpurea has stunning almost black enormous leaves that alter in colour over the summer from deep purple to green. The flower clusters appear in early summer.

  • Acer griseum, a most beautiful tree. Dark green leaves are vibrant orange, red and scarlet in autumn. The greyish brown bark peals to display cinnamon brown young bark, a very good choice of a plant for your garden

  • Parrottia persica
    Parrottia persica
  • Populus Purple Tower
    Populus Purple Tower
  • The foliage of this pretty small tree turns to truly awesome colours of crimson, orange and yellow during the autumn months. In early spring attractive clusters of small red flowers appear, the new leaves have attractive reddish margins

  • Populus deltoides Purple Tower is a smaller version of the Lombardy Poplar with bright wine red leaves maturing to rich purple. Dark red stems have beige speckles, an eyecatching recent introduction

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