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Terms and Conditions

QUESTION – Why do you only open on certain dates and not all of the time?

ANSWER – Because we are first and foremost, a busy mail and internet order nursery and so are not focused towards having visiting customers on site. We have constant movements of heavy machinery and lorries that are not consistent with a providing a safe environment for visitors and our staff are busy fulfilling orders. By opening on a few specific dates we can provide a much safer environment and dedicate our staff to visiting customers on these days.


QUESTION – I cannot get to your sales dates, can I visit the nursery at another time?

ANSWER – For the reasons outlined above we are not open for visitors to the nursery outside of our scheduled opening dates.


QUESTION – Can I reserve plants that you have advertised in your sales?

ANSWER – In fairness to all customers we don’t reserve plants, all stock is offered on a first come – first served basis. If you want a specific plant we advise getting to the nursery early. If a particular plant is advertised we always make sure we have plenty, but we have no control over them selling out.


QUESTION – Can I buy plants I have seen on your Hopes Grove Nurseries website or in your catalogue at your open weekends?

ANSWER – The short answer is no, some varieties are growing in the sale area and can be bought (at a healthy discount!) the overwhelming majority are not for sale at our open weekends as they are on other parts of the nursery (or even different sites) If you are looking for specific plants from our mail order range please do call to order them. (Unless of course they are specifically advertised in our Open Weekend adverts, in which case they should be available)

  • QUESTION ; Are Dogs allowed?
    QUESTION ; Are Dogs allowed?
  • QUESTION ; Do you deliver?
    QUESTION ; Do you deliver?
  • ANSWER ; Well behaved dogs on leads are always welcome at our sales, please do remember that our earlier sales can be very busy though, especially on the Friday.

  • ANSWER ; Yes we do! Deliveries are made by a man and his van and not by ourselves, his price list of deliveries to all the more local destinations is displayed by the till, please ask if your area is not listed.

  • QUESTION ; Can I collect my plants later
    QUESTION ; Can I collect my plants later
  • QUESTION ; Do you take card payments?
    QUESTION ; Do you take card payments?
  • ANSWER ; Yes you can collect your plants later, let a member of staff know and we will give you a collection bay in our yard. Please be sure to collect by 2pm on the Sunday of our sale.

  • ANSWER ; Yes we have a card machine for Visa and Mastercard. Please bear with us during busy times as our snail speed internet does sometimes cause a queue to build up.

  • QUESTION ; Can someone help me load?
    QUESTION ; Can someone help me load?
  • QUESTION ; Do you offer quantity discoun
    QUESTION ; Do you offer quantity discoun
  • We will always find a member of staff to assist you if we possibly can! During very busy times this may not be possible (regular customers will know we can get very busy!) but if you dont mind waiting....we will help you!

  • Generally no because our prices are set so low in the first place. However, if you are contemplating buying a very large number of plants (over £1000) then please do ask, we will offer you a deal if we can!

  • QUESTION ; Are sale plants guaranteed?
    QUESTION ; Are sale plants guaranteed?
  • QUESTION ; Can someone help me choose?
    QUESTION ; Can someone help me choose?
  • All plants at our sales are sold as seen and we do not guarantee them as we have no control over the weather or their future care. We will never knowingly sell a plant that we do not think will grow, whether discounted or not.

  • We are always happy to offer friendly and informed advice regarding our plants (and our info packed catalogues are always available free) but we dont have staff available to walk round with you on sale days.

How to find us

 At the western end of Tenterden turn south at the traffic lights. Go past the turn to Tescos, we are about a further 700 yards on the left. MAP

Opening Dates

Sorry, no more open weekends in 2019

Click here for leaflet (pdf) showing all plant sale weekend dates

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Pricing Information


Ground cover plants £2.50 or 5 for £10

Perennials (2 litre yellow pots)£4 each or 3 for £10

Large Clematis £7 or 2 for £12

Roses £6 or 2 for £10

Rhododendrons and Azaleas £10 or 2 for £18

Extra large shrubs £30 or 2 for £50

Topiary - all individually prices

Shrubs (2 litre pots) £4.50 or 3 for £12

Surplus/Second grade plants - as priced