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We grow literally tens of thousands of Lavenders each year in a range of varieties, primarily hedging varieties like 'Hidcote' and 'Munstead' for sale on our main website but also a number of the 'French' or stoechas types with their attractive 'butterfly' flowerheads.

Lavenders come in a variety of pot sizes from 9cm through to 5 litres, their availability depending on the time of year.

Lavenders at our sales are sold at a significant discount to our usual website price.

Some of the more popular varieties are featured below.

  • Lavender Grosso
    Lavender Grosso
  • Lavender Hidcote
    Lavender Hidcote
  • Lavender Grosso is the most commonly used  lavender for oil and cut flower production. As an 'Intermedia' variety the mid blue flowers over grey green foliage appear late in the season in August.

  • Lavandula 'Hidcote' is one of the most popular lavenders being a more compact variety that is ideal for many purposes. It makes an excellent low hedge producing purple-violet flowers from June onwards.

  • Lavender Imperial Gem
    Lavender Imperial Gem
  • Lavender Munstead
    Lavender Munstead
  • Lavandula Imperial Gem is a bushy variety of English Lavender with tightly packed rich purple flowers above silvery foliage from June onwards. It can be used as a substitute for Lavender Hidcote.

  • Lavandula 'Munstead' is another popular variety of the small evergreen shrub similar to Hidcote but lighter in colour - masses of mid blue flowers from June onwards. Grows very slightly larger than Hidcote

  • Pink Lavender
    Pink Lavender
  • White Lavender
    White Lavender
  • Lavender angustifolia Rosea  is a less common type, small evergreen shrub similar to Lavender Hidcote but slightly taller ,growing to 75cm, and with a show of pale pink flower spikes. Great for an alternative Lavender hedge!

  • Lavender White (Lavandula 'Edelweiss') is a strong bushy but compact variety of lavender. The grey green foliage sits well against the white flowers which start as pink buds and appear slightly later than most.

  • French Lavenders
    French Lavenders
  • Larger Lavender plants
    Larger Lavender plants
  • The French or stoechas Lavenders have distinctive eyecatching flower bracts and generally flower earlier than the English varieties, often with a second flush in early autumn if deadheaded.

  • Occasionally we have some larger Lavenders in 5, 7.5 or 10 litre pots to provide more impact on planting, always popular at our sales! Normally we just have the French varieties but sometimes some large Hidcote and Munstead too.

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